Brevis S – Slim 5L case

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The Freilite Brevis S is designed to be a portable PC case with support for an mITX mainboard, short GPUs and FlexATX PSUs. The goal in terms of size is staying below or at least close to 5L of volume.

These renders don’t represent the current state of the project.



Specifications are subject to change!

Mainboard: mITX
CPU Cooler: 38mm max. height
GPU: Dual Slot, up to 183mm long, up to 148mm tall
PSU: FlexATX, 150mm (FSP500-50FSPT included)
Storage: 2x 2.5″,up to 9.5mm thick
Dimensions (W*H*D): 59mm*418mm*201mm
Volume: 4.957L
  • Front Panel: 3mm brushed, anodised Aluminium
  • Side Panels: 2mm brushed, anodised Aluminium
  • Inner Frame: 1mm Steel, finish undecided
  • Thermal Divider: 4mm Acrylic
  • Vertical and Horizontal orientation
  • Horizontal orientation with vents on the bottom for placing underneath screens
  • Easily modifiable Front I/O hidden behind door
  • Footprint similar to TKL keyboard, fits in nearly every messenger bag or backpack
  • Reversible PSU mount allows mounting PSU with cold side towards 2.5″ drives
  • Separated compartments allow components to get direct intake from the side and exhaust to the bottom, back and top without heating each other up